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Set of 3 garage sockets

113.70 incl tax

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Product description

Kit of 3 garage sockets with 15-metre hoses for 9m and 12m hoses. The 12.20 m hose is the most commonly used, with a radius of action of 120 m² (depending on the layout of the socket).

Kit contents :

  • 1 bundle of 14.82ml WHITE PVC HOSE SPECIAL FOR CENTRAL VACUUM CLEANING (1.14ml bar delivered in bundles of 13 tubes) diameter 50.80 (2 inches).
  • 3 garage sockets
  • 3 short 90° elbows
  • 8 Long 90° elbows FF
  • 2 90° tees
  • 6 Elbows 45° FF
  • 10 sleeves
  • 5 collars
  • 1 tube of glue 60ml
  • 15 ml wire
  • 1 installation manual


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