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Our payment methods

Pay for your orders securely with credit card, PayPal, check, or bank transfer. Our payments are 100% secure whether it’s online, over the phone, or by mail.

By credit card

Credit card payments can be made directly online or by phone at, ensuring secure transactions.

We accept payments by credit card: CB, Visa, and Mastercard.

Your banking data is secured through the secure online payment system Systempay by Crédit Agricole.

DSP2 regulation, what is it?

The Second European Directive on Payment Services “DSP2” establishes new standards for online payment security. This framework enhances the security of your online payments and the processing of your data in order to combat fraud.

What does DSP2 consist of?

DSP2 is a strong authentication method that allows you to validate an online transaction over 30€ by directly connecting to your bank account. This system replaces the 3DSecure system, which only required entering a one-time unique code received via SMS to validate the payment.

Today, for enhanced security, you need to validate the transaction using:

  • A password and secret code that only you know
  • Your mobile phone with your bank’s application
  • A biometric characteristic (fingerprint, voice recognition, facial recognition)
And practically, how do you use this system on Atepac?

Using your mobile phone, you need to log in to your banking application to activate this enhanced security system for online purchases. This system is now implemented by all banks.

Next, visit Atepac to place your order :

Your order exceeds 30€. Once you have entered and verified your banking details, you will receive an alert on your phone prompting you to validate the transaction.

Please open your banking application on your phone. You will receive a notification prompting you to validate the transaction.

Validate the transaction using your fingerprint, facial recognition, or voice recognition.

Your order has been successfully confirmed !

Payment in 3x with no additional fees by credit card.

On Atepac, pay in 3x with no additional fees starting from €350 of purchase!

Operating principle

The first installment is debited on the day of your order. The 2 remaining installments will be collected 30 days and 60 days later.

For example, if you make a purchase of €360 on 01/04/2022, you will have to pay €120 on the day of the order. The remaining 2 installments of €120 each will be collected on 01/05/2022 and 01/06/2022.

Terms of Use

To benefit from the 3-month installment plan with no interest, you must:

  • Place an order with a minimum value of 350€.
  • Hold a valid credit card (CB, Visa, or Mastercard).
  • The expiration date of the credit card must be later than the financing period.

By Paypal

With Paypal, you can easily and quickly pay securely without sharing your banking information on our website. In fact, you only need to provide them when creating your Paypal account. After that, they are encrypted and 100% secure. If you already have a Paypal account, you can choose this payment method on Atepac to quickly and securely complete your purchases. If you don’t have an account, you can still choose this payment method and you will be redirected to a Paypal page to enter your banking information and create an account.

By bank transfer using Atepac's bank details (RIB)

The order will be shipped once the transfer is received in our bank account.

You have a period of 15 days to make the transfer to our account. If the transfer is not made within this period, your order will be automatically canceled.

RIB Atepac :

Bank code: 13106

Branch code: 00500

Account number: 30030876977

Key: 96

Bank: Crédit Agricole

IBAN: FR76 1310 6005 0030 0308 7697 796


By check

To receive your order as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to make the payment by check:

  • Make the check payable to ATEPAC.
  • Write the order number on the back of the check.
  • Send your payment to the following address: ATEPAC, 275 rue de l’Ormière, 31380 GARIDECH.

Any questions about payment ?

How to access the payment?

Once the products are in your cart, you need to create an account so that we have your information for delivering your order. You can then choose the payment method of your choice: credit card (CB, Visa, Mastercard), Paypal, check, or bank transfer.

Why is my order abandoned?
  • Your order exceeds 30€, and you need to validate the transaction on your bank account (DSP2 device for online payment security).
  • It could also be due to a technical issue. Please try again.
  • If the problem persists, please contact us at
I am unable to pay in 3 installments

For this payment option, you need to:

  • Ensure that the total amount of your order is equal to or greater than 350€.
  • Have a valid credit card (CB, Visa, or Mastercard).
  • Ensure that the expiration date of the credit card is later than the financing period.