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Find the filters compatible with your central vacuum system among our models that are compatible with many central vacuum brands such as Aertecnica, Aerena, Airflow, Aldes, Aspibox, Aspiramic, Astrovac, Atome, Bean Electrolux, Cyclovac, Domus, Duovac, Général d'Aspiration, Husky, Trema, Vacuflo, and many more. Whether you need a polyester filter, cellulose filter, or pre-filter, Atepac offers a wide range of high-quality consumables from top brands specialized in central vacuum systems.


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Cellulose cyclone filter for Aldes C.Axpir Initia and C.Axpir Comfort central vacuum units, Aldes 11071183
Original price was: 39.60€ incl tax.Current price is: 27.00€ incl tax.
Ref. ADC420
Online promotion
Cyclonic filter for Aldes C.Axpir Initia and C.Axpir Comfort central vacuum units, Aldes 11071183
Original price was: 49.80€ incl tax.Current price is: 39.60€ incl tax.
Ref. ADC357
Online promotion
Washable Polyester Filter refill  for P350, P450, PX450, SC40TA, SC60TA, SC70TA, SX70TA power units 
Aertecnica CM830
Original price was: 135.00€ incl tax.Current price is: 90.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AD558
Online promotion
Washable Polyester Filter refill  for M05/2, M05/3, M05/4 power units
Aertecnica CM831
Original price was: 198.00€ incl tax.Current price is: 150.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AD560
Online promotion
Triumph filter for TREMA TF/TE 550 & Pu 800 power units
Original price was: 64.80€ incl tax.Current price is: 39.90€ incl tax.
Ref. AD168

What are the different types of filters for my central vacuum system ?

At Atepac, we offer two types of filters: Polyester filters and cellulose filters.

Polyester filters are washable. They are compatible with central vacuum systems from Général d’aspiration, Husky, Aertecnica, Aspibox, Aldes, Easy Clean, Airflow, Domus, and others. Cellulose filters are disposable and therefore not washable. It is very important to know the type of filter you are using before attempting to clean it.

We also offer a range of pre-filters. Their role is to capture fine dust particles and protect the main filter. The filter, on the other hand, helps protect the motor. Pre-filters can be hand-washed and reused.

How to maintain the filter of my central vacuum system?

o maintain the filter of your central vacuum system, here are some tips:

  1. Consult the user manual: Refer to the specific user manual of your central vacuum system for detailed instructions on filter maintenance. Each model may have specific recommendations.
  2. Regular replacement: Regularly check and replace the filter as needed. Depending on the type of filter and usage, it may need to be replaced every few months or as specified by the manufacturer.
  3. Cleaning: If your filter is washable, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Rinse it with water and allow it to fully dry before reinserting it into the central vacuum system. Make sure it is completely dry to prevent mold or mildew growth.
  4. Inspection: Periodically inspect the filter for any damage or clogging. If you notice any tears, holes, or excessive dirt buildup that cannot be cleaned, it is recommended to replace the filter.
  5. Pre-filter maintenance: If your system has a pre-filter, clean it regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This helps to remove larger particles and protect the main filter.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of your central vacuum system’s filter.