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Electronic cards

Discover our range of electronic boards for your central vacuum system. They are compatible with many central vacuum brands, including Aertecnica, Aerena, Airflow, Aldes, Aspibox, Aspiramic, Astrovac, Atome, Bean Electrolux, Cyclovac, Domus, Duovac, Général d'Aspiration, Husky, Trema, Vacuflo...


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Electronic card for BEAM Serenity 167EC, 168, 187 EF/EG/EH, 188 EC/ED, 192EC/ED, 199, 2067, 2087EB, 2100 and 2250ED central vacuum units
Original price was: 165.00€ incl tax.Current price is: 128.70€ incl tax.
Ref. AD702
Ref. AD644