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Accessories and hose sets


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Accessories and hose sets

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Flash sale Until 05/06/2024 inclusive
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Complete Aldes MIDDLE FILAIRE central vacuum cleaning set
Original price was: 153.60€ incl tax.Current price is: 86.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC189
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Aldes LIGHT central vacuum cleaning set
Original price was: 276.60€ incl tax.Current price is: 237.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC188
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Aldes AVANTAGE complete central vacuum cleaning set
Original price was: 352.50€ incl tax.Current price is: 288.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC187
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Set of accessories and 8 M wireless hose Aldes C.Cleaner, C.Booster and C.Blue, Aldes 11071093
Original price was: 359.90€ incl tax.Current price is: 252.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC258
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C.Power Vacuum Accessories Set, Aldes 11071092
Original price was: 399.20€ incl tax.Current price is: 306.90€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC257
Ref. AAC424
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Deluxe kit with 17 accessories + 1 standard 9 ml hose
Original price was: 232.70€ incl tax.Current price is: 156.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC343
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Deluxe kit with 18 accessories + 1 on/off hose 9 ml
Original price was: 343.70€ incl tax.Current price is: 240.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC312
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5 accessories kit + 1 x 9 m anti-crushing hose
Original price was: 61.50€ incl tax.Current price is: 48.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC044
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5 accessories kit + 1x5m hose
Original price was: 95.40€ incl tax.Current price is: 57.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC273
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7 accessories set + 1x9m hose
Original price was: 99.90€ incl tax.Current price is: 66.00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC045
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Ref. P_AAC151
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Ref. P_AAC167
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Flash sale Until 05/06/2024 inclusive
Flash sale Until 10/06/2024 inclusive
Ref. P_AAC382