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Products of the brand VACUFLO – HD

Vacuflo HD: Central vacuum systems with a bagless and filterless design. Discover HD, central vacuum systems that operate without a bag or filter, making maintenance a breeze. With its cyclonic action, the system separates air from dirt and dust, resulting in ultra-efficient filtration. All HD central vacuum systems come with a 10-year warranty (5 years at 100% coverage and 5 years on a diminishing scale). All Vacuflo HD central vacuum systems feature a high-performance By-Pass motor. Available as standalone units or in packages, HD central vacuum systems are built to be extremely durable and offer long-lasting performance. You can also find a wide range of accessories and spare parts for HD systems.


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Central Vacuum Cleaner, ALDES type HD800C - 10-Year Warranty - Suitable for surfaces up to 350 m² - Cleaning Set
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