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Unelvent: for healthier air every day. We offer you a wide range of products from the S&P brand to bring you better indoor air quality. Unelvent central vacuum systems are equipped with cyclonic design and high-performance filtration, making them both powerful and efficient. With its bagless technology and washable filter, you just need to empty the tank with ease. Its motor is part of the new generation of high-performance direct cooling motors. Additionally, the enhanced motor soundproofing makes it even quieter. The Saphir range comes in 4 models of central vacuum systems available for surfaces up to 700 m². You can also choose a wireless start option with the Saphir 250N and 350N systems. All Unelvent central vacuum systems come with a 2-year warranty.


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Flash sale Until 01/06/2024 inclusive
Centralized aspiration system SAPHIR 350N, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (up to 350 m²), UNELVENT 620122
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