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Products of the brand PLASTIFLEX

Plastiflex hoses are compliant and compatible with all brands of central vacuum systems, including Cyclovac, Duovac, Eaggle, Drainvac, Husky, Turbix, Atome, Vacuflo, Soluvac, Saniflo, Astrovac, Eureka, Nutone, Hoover, Hayden, Broan, Easyflo, Aspibox, Disan, Sach, Aertecnica, Général d'Aspiration, Eolys, Aspiramatic, Honeywell, Sistem Air, Sanclean, VCI, and many more. Furthermore, they are equipped with a handle featuring a 360° rotating on/off switch for enhanced convenience during use. Available in various sizes, these hoses are easy to use and resistant to deformation. They allow you to connect different accessories to the suction inlet.


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