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The Beflexx central vacuum cleaner is a space-saving solution that is easy to install in small spaces such as your camper, boat, truck, or mobile home. It's no larger than a shoebox and can be easily and quickly installed under a sofa or bed. Despite its compact size, it is also very powerful and can quickly suck up crumbs and dust. All products from the brand undergo quality control that meets the highest European standards, offering powerful, hygienic, and simple aspiration to simplify your daily life. On Atepac, you can find Beflexx central vacuum cleaners in both 24V and 230V versions, as well as compatible accessories and spare parts for convenient and efficient use.


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Kit of 1 round white door socket for Beflexx control unit
Original price was: 30.58€ incl tax.Current price is: 19.80€ incl tax.
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